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The system consultant as your technology ally
We are oriented in helping entrepreneurs aswell as small and medium size businesses
Web design and apps

We design all sort of webpages and institutional branding to fit each of our client's needs.

Systems programming

We intent to be your strategy consultant for developing an integrated solution for your entire business.

Digital marketing

We can help you design and implement the perfect digital marketing strategy while positioning your business using search engine optimization.

How can we assist your company?

Our clients tell us their vary experiences and we present those cases to you.

Our services

Features and benefits of the services we offer that will allow you to power up your business.

Responsive and custom working

Multiple design choices for getting the institutional image just right. We do not use canned software. Your system will be unique and custom design to fit your needs.

24/7 Support

We offer 24/7 support and our full commitment for issue resolving any day of the year. We are not leaving you struggling by yourself.

E-Mail, Domain and Hosting

You won't have to worry about nothing. Our service includes unlimited cloud hosting, users and email accounts.

Publicity and connectivity

We want to enhance your online presence and help you connect all of your sites and systems using external interfaces and automation.

Clientes served
Published sites
Custom software
Meetings held
Our work process We focus on agile methodologies.
As soon as we start the project we get together for initial information gathering, and to setup the step by step project plan. This person will handle the workflow process and will orient you during each fase.
After the project starts, design proposals will be presented along with software architecture. Revisions and design directives. Once the select preferred design, we start molding and writing the site's code, for as many iterations as needed according to the plan.
After the software writing is over, it will be installed in our testing servers for preliminary revisions. Once revisions and devolutions are finished it will be implemented into the production server and get setup.
Up to this point the software or site will be loaded with initial information and setup required for production. Maintenance fase starts.
Projects implemented

We share our experience with various clients and all sort of projects. We are proud to present you with some of our favorite online examples.

A little history

With 20 years of work experience and a systems engineering career, Nelson Murstein founded DM in 2011. The star services are software development, websites and internet positioning for small and medium size businesses. DM specializes in force sales, process standarization and decision making.

Visual Basic - 5 years of experience

Java - 6 years of experience

PHP - 15 years of experience

Software - 20 years of experience

We live in a new era when it's time to consider the software consultant as an important business ally
Positioning and optimization for search engines and social networks.

Let's talk! We can help you.

We develop custom software, for decision making using client/server architecture.

All types of websites including landing pages, institutionals, backend administrators, e-commerce stores and marketplace. Automation for stock, payments and logistics.

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We make sure our business proposal is aligned with the longterm vision of your company and plan.


Project start

We start working on your project to develop and implement the solution.


We invite you to participate in our open debates and free training sessions, which are scheduled once a month with limited availability.

E-Commerce (B2C)

MarketPlace (B2B)


Working Team

If you have a project in mind do not hesitate to approach us and we schedule a meeting. We are here to help you!

Nelson Murstein
CEO / Software
Systems Engineer with 20 year of experience in software programming.
Andrea Poeltra
Sales assistant and manager. Customer service and support.
Damián Malenky
Community Manager and publicity in digital media, including search engines and social networks.
Luciana Maciel
Graphic design with UX experience and websites.
Success cases

We present some of the most interesting challenges and how did those projects turned out.


We present you with some of our client's testimonies about our company, customer service and project quality.

Thanks to DM we have launched into the market an innovation project based on a B2B service app in only 4 months.

Jonatan Serapio Kappi

I hired DM to increase sales with digital marketing strategies and the results overcame my expectations.

Juan San Miguel Desatapaciones Baires

We needed to improve our building company image and thanks to DM, we now have our professional website.

Germán Alvarez Nordelta Construcciones
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